The Gospel Changes Everything

Grow in your understanding of the Gospel and how to live in the light of your identity in Christ. Ephesians is a practical and encouraging book and this devotional will enable you to meditate on and apply these truths.

The Gospel

The first half of Ephesians explains what Christ accomplished on the cross.

God's Plan

Learn more about God’s attributes and His plan for Salvation created before time itself.

The Church

Consider God’s creation of the church and how to live with other believers


How does your identity in Christ impact how you are called to live as a believer? What does it look like practically to be a Christian?


Study Paul’s encouragement in learning how to battle sin and grow in truth and holiness.


This devotional will guide you to pray through, meditate on, memorize, and apply the truths you learn.


Learn today how the Gospel transforms your life.

This 30-Day guide provides prompts and questions to help you meditate, think deeply on the book of Ephesians.

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