Transform the mundane moments of your life as a busy mom

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Redeeming Routines

Redeem the Seemingly Mundane Moments of Your Life

Learn to incorporate spiritual disciplines like prayer and meditating on the Word into your busy, day-to-day schedule

Find Purpose as a Mom

See life transformation as you intentionally grow your faith and learn how the Gospel unifies all areas of your life

Create a Legacy of Faith

Build a home centered on the Word of God as your family views your example of how to keep your eyes on Christ

What are Redeeming Routines?

Redeeming Routines provides mobile guides to help busy moms “redeem” the seemingly mundane moments of their days. Instead of spending your time reading someone else’s commentary, these are questions and prompts to help you meditate on the Word while you wash dishes, fold laundry, sit in the school pick-up line, etc. We pray the questions will help you listen to a passage then think through the context, spend time praising God, confessing sins, praying for others, and thinking through practical applications. Redeem your routines by incorporating the spiritual disciplines into your day.

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Access the FREE 5-day look at the Psalms, learning more about incorporating the spiritual disciplines into your daily life and how the Redeeming Routines guides work.

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Start redeeming the mundane moments of your life today as you spend 30 days listening to and meditating on the book of Ephesians.

Features of Redeeming Routines

Mobile Guides

Redeeming Routines can be accessed from your computer or by saving the page to your phone!

Listen to the Word

Read the day’s scripture on your own or click the link in each day’s prompts to listen to the passage through Bible Gateway.

Free Mobile Download

Download Redeeming Routines by clicking the pop-up prompt at the bottom of any page. You will find a mixture of free and paid guides within the app. Visit the FAQ for more help.


Listen to or read the prompts from your phone, allowing you to pray or meditate on the Word while you do dishes, fold laundry, or sit in your car.

Additional Resources

Find curated lists of articles, sermons, and books to further your knowledge and growth. 

Each day of a Redeeming Routines guide includes

  • a link to listen to the day’s passage on Bible Gateway
  • questions for you to consider as you think about the passage’s meaning
  • prompts to help you meditate, confess sins, praise, apply, and/or memorize verses
  • and a list of resources if you want to go further in studying the book or topic.

Redeeming Routines are not intended to replace Bible study, but are meant to help you learn how to meditate on and pray through passages, even while going about your busy day. Just open your guide on the app and listen to the verses, consider the questions, and pray through the prompts – helping you incorporate the spiritual disciplines into your routines.

Visit the page of the guide you are interested in. From there, you will see a “Buy Now” button to purchase. Currently, you can pay through PayPal.

Current devotionals are Psalms and Ephesians.

From the main menu, click “Login.” Enter the information you used when purchasing and you will be directed to a page where you can access your purchases. Tap on the guide you want to start and click on the day you are on. For more information, view the videos on the FAQ page.

You can view the guides at the website on any browser, but they are formatted for best viewing through the app-like download.

Yes! Current plans are to release 2-4 free and paid guides each year!

About Us

Redeeming Routines was created by Allyson Reid, a stay at home mom of two busy boys, who found purpose in motherhood by learning to look to Christ in all things. Allyson writes at the blog Rapt Motherhood.

Rapt Motherhood is a blog for Christian moms who are striving to look to Jesus, giving Him their rapt attention in all things.


Through the community created by Rapt Motherhood, Allyson found that many women struggle to incorporate the spiritual disciplines into their daily life due to a busy schedule or not knowing how to unify the seemingly unrelated aspects of life. Redeeming Routines was created to provide a resource to help busy moms worship in the mundane.

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